About me

I began my pottery career in 1987 studying Ceramics in Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design. Following this I combined my love for Ceramics and travel working in 10 Potteries in Ireland, Canada and Scotland, learning and honing my skills as a Potter and Ceramic Artist. In 1996 I started my own studio at Benbulben Pottery in Rathcormac, County Sligo where I have continued to work full time until 2008 and part-time since then.

My work is influenced by classical and contemporary ceramic forms where aesthetic beauty and functionality combine. Figurative ceramics have always had a strong interest for me and humour and the human condition are explored with a range of figurative pieces and smoking angels.

Latterly I have been working on Social Commentary pieces exploring themes of Justice, Climate Change, Politics and Equality which link into my career in Social Care.

My work is in a permanent state of flux as new themes and techniques are explored. Oxidation, Reduction, Raku and Pit firings which have all be used over the years. This constant change is at the core of my work as the ceramics evolve as does the person.

I am also a passionate musician playing folk, trad and rock in several original bands including ‘Above and Below the Tide’ and ‘Túsk’ and have released several albums to date.

In the workshop

‘The Pull’

Pandora’s Box by Above and Below the Tide

Northern Lights by Above and Below the Tide

Sligo’s landscape, music, people and social issues combine to provide an endless source of creativity and inspiration.