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These figures are fired using the Raku technique. This is where the pieces are fired quickly up to 1000 degrees centigrade and then taken out of a small kiln when the ware is red hot. The pieces are put into sawdust and left to slowly burn until they are cool enough to take out with gloves.

When cleaned, magical colours and small crazing effects are revealed which give each piece an individuality, impossible to copy exactly.

Even angels need a break from being good!

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Pit-fired Pottery

Pit-fired pots fired in pit in the garden with Seaweed from local beaches, banana, orange and avocado skins and oxides fire to give organic range of effects and colours. Each piece is totally unique.

Benbulben pottery

Benbulben Pottery

High fired stoneware functional Pottery using a range of glazes suitable for safe use around the home.


Ceramic Pieces made using slips, stains, and glazes to give a range of finishes and colours stoneware fired to 1250 degrees centigrade.